Chimes of freedom

For project 2, I will be doing the default project, I will be working on the project individually. The problem statement is available here.


The application will be developed for both CAVE2 and Vive, using the omicron unity module here.


The star data is available on github. The file hygdata_v3.csv contains the latest star database. This has data about the star's IDs, Bayer/Flamsteed designation, common name if available, right ascension and declination, Cartesian coordinates of the star based on equatorial coordinates as seen on Earth, spectral type, visual magnitude, radial velocity etc., I plan to use the data about star systems in my application to represent binary and higher order star systems.

The data about the constellations is available on github. This also has information about various skycultures such as Chinese, Norse, Korean etc.,

Why is VR beneficial here?

- One of the main benefits of using VR comes from the intrinsic spatial nature of the star data. Representing the spatial data in VR gives the user a better and more suited perspective of the data.

- Another aspect where VR is beneficial is that the user will be able to look at the stars from other directions as well, based on the user's current location in VR. This will afford the user multiple perspectives of data and also spatial overview of the data.